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24 Mar 2023



DW2-3Ways Charge Life Style / 2020

DW2-3Ways Charge Life Style images

Don't line up for charging, share happiness all the time.

The inspiration comes from meeting the daily needs of various interfaces, solving the pain points of only charging one phone, and
creating a daily convenient craft aesthetics.The use of fine fabric braided wire has good heat dissipation, effective anti-scratch stretch,  
and extends the service life of the data cable.

DW2-3Ways Charge Life Style images
DW2-3Ways Charge Life Style images
DW2-3Ways Charge Life Style images
DW2-3Ways Charge Life Style images


Nowadays, consumers are unconsciously seeking substitutes for their daily supplies, which is a common spending habits lead by “fast-fashion”. However, these unnecessary repurchase comes up with a series of serious consequences. The competition in the same industry turns into a more intense situation. Also, some negative impacts such as the exploitation on labor and pollution in environment become increasing prominent. In this case, it may be costly while consumers enjoying the “fast-fashion”.Therefore, our company SOLOVE has always been adhering to a philosophy, “less but better”. We desire to satisfy the customers with our excellent products. We simplify our products to stand the test of time.